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Little kalkan buckler shield

Little kalkan buckler shield

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plywood, canvas, paint, natural leather, metal

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diameter 45cm

Eastern Kalkan buckler shield for buhurt, reenactment historical battles, participating in tournaments, and any kind of mass battle HMB, HEMA, BotN, IMCF, ACL, SCA, and Larp.

diameter 42cm (16.53 inch)
height - 12 cm (4.72 inch)
Weight - 2400g

*Color front - white (you can choose any color)
Color back - black
Leather color - black

*You can draw your unique design on the shield by yourself. The shield is completely ready for painting.

*This Eastern Kalkan buckler shield consists of plywood 12 mm, with a forged shield boss, the edge of the plywood is reinforced with a 10 mm cord, covered by canvas and 4 mm leather on the edge.

This Eastern Kalkan buckler shield has a conical shape.

*Also we can provide this medieval shield with a special case, so you can easily carry it and attach it to your backpack.

*Also, you can add to your shield the leather back belt, please choose it on the variations

- Standard shipping - 2-3 weeks from Ukraine by Ukrposhta.
- Delivery to some European countries is possible in 5 - 31 days

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