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Big heater shield with cross pattern

Big heater shield with cross pattern

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plywood, canvas, paint, natural leather, metal

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width - 60cm (23.62 inch )
height - 120cm (47,25inch)

Big medieval heater shield with a cross pattern for reconstructing historic battles, participating in tournaments, buhurt battles, and living history festivals.

Our medieval heater shields are durable and made according to the author's method of our main blacksmith. It is thanks to this production technique that our medieval shields are reliable protection in competition. We use only the best materials.
100% handmade.

Length - 120cm (47.24 inch)
Width - 60cm ( 23.62 inch)
Weight - 6500g

*This shield consists of plywood 12 mm, covered by canvas, and 4 mm leather on the edge.

* You can choose any color for your shield. Also, we can draw any pattern for you for an extra price.

*Also we can provide this medieval shield with a special case, so you can easily carry it and attach it to your backpack for transportation. Also in this cover, you can store the shield.

*You can add to your shield leather back belt to wear a shield on his back.

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The delivery price depends on the recipient's country.

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