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Buhurt buckler set (shield + sword)

Buhurt buckler set (shield + sword)

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Buhurt buckler set (shield + sword)

The set includes 1 shield with the basic set of handles and one sword

* Buhurt buckler shield for reconstructing historic battles, participating in tournaments, in buhurt and any kind of mass battle HMB, HEMA, IMCF, ACL, and SCA as well and competitions such as the Battle of Nations.

diameter - 35 cm
Weight - 1500g

Color front - you can choose any color
Color back - black
Leather color - black

This buckler shield consists of plywood 10 mm, with a forged metal shield boss, covered by canvas, the edge of the plywood is reinforced with a cord 10 mm thick and 4 mm leather on the edge.

* Metal sword for duels and tournaments, participation in buhurt, HMB, IMCF, Battle of Nationals competitions and other historical fencing competitions, history reenactment festivals, and fantasy events

The total length of the sword is 79 cm ( 31.1 inch)
blade length - 61 cm ( 24 inch)
blade thickness - 5 mm (0.19 inch)
the weight of the sword is 1,450 kg

Materials: hardened steel, and leather on the sword handle.

Balanced sword
THE SWORD IS NOT SHARP, admitted to competitions in historical fencing, buhurt, reenactment of history.

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