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Pavise shield "Black-white"

Pavise shield "Black-white"

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plywood, canvas, paint, natural leather, rivets

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width - 45cm (17.71 inch )
height - 70cm (27.55 inch)

Battle-ready Medieval Pavise Shield for reconstructing historical battles, participating in tournaments, in buhurt, and any kind of mass battle HMB and competitions such as the Battle of Nations

width - 45cm (17.71 inch)
length - 71cm (27.95 inch)
Weight - 3500g

Color front - black with white pattern (You can choose any color for this pattern)
Color back - black
Leather color - black

This medieval shield consists of plywood 12 mm, covered by canvas, and 4 mm leather on the edge. The edge of the shield, which receives the most blows, is reinforced with a metal plate. The metal plate is attached to the plywood, under the leather on the edge.

We can provide this medieval shield with a special cover, so you can easily carry it and attach it to your backpack for transportation. Also on this cover, you can store the shield.

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