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Medieval Mace, Type 1

Medieval Mace, Type 1

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Medieval mace for a full-contact sword fight. A perfect knight weapon for the Middle Ages reconstruction, suitable for full contact fighting. Order this Medieval mace, completely ready for use in battle.
The knight's medieval mace of the 11th and 14th centuries, a medieval knight melee weapon.

- maximum impact force
- ribbed handle, does not twist, does not slip, you will securely keep the weapon in battle
- brutal, crushing weapons
- easy to use
- simplicity and functionality of the model
- super interesting experience for those who have never fought with the Mace
- convenient spare weapon, as it hangs on your belt and does not fall out
- Made according to the rules HMB, IMCF, SCA, AMCF.
-Was allowed to the "Battle of the Nations"

Length full 53-55cm (21.5 ")
Weight 0.9-1 kg (2.2 lbs)
- Carbon steel
- Ash-tree

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