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Metal shield boss, Type 2

Metal shield boss, Type 2

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Metal forged shield boss for a medieval shield, Eastern shield, Germanic Gothic shield, buhurt buckler shield, Viking round shield.

The metal shield boss is completely ready for installation. Has 6 pre-drilled holes and comes complete with nails for installation.

This umbone has a unique, handmade engraving. It's minimalistic geometric engraving, will give your shield expressiveness.

outer diameter - 17.5 cm
inside diameter - 14 cm
height - 6.5 cm
thickness - 2 mm
weight - 740g

*mounting nails included!

the price is 48.5$ for one
for two promotional prices - 95$
buy with your friends better!

Material: metal recycling, forged metal.

- Standard shipping - 2-3 weeks from Ukraine by Ukrposhta.
- Delivery to some European countries is possible in 5 - 31 days
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