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Metal shield boss, Type 5

Metal shield boss, Type 5

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Metal forged shield boss for a medieval shield, Eastern shield, Germanic Gothic shield, buhurt buckler shield, Viking round shield.

The metal shield boss is completely ready for installation. Has 6 pre-drilled holes and comes complete with nails for installation.

We understand that not everyone has a forge in their backyard, that's why we've added to our assortment of metal shield bosses that we install ourselves for our shields. Therefore, you can be inspired by historical sources where this metal shield boss is presented on shields and try to recreate the shield yourself, fill the shield with your energy so that the shield stands out in the battle or tournament.

Each metal shield boss is made by hand following the ancient forging technology that was widespread in our country, without the use of modern presses, only the power of two people, a hammer, a sledgehammer, time, and the power of fire.

outer diameter - 19,7 - 20 cm
inside diameter - 13,5 - 14 cm
height - 8.5 cm
thickness - 3 mm
weight - 800 g

*All shield bosses are made by hand. The shield boss may have slight deviations in size and weight.

the price is 53$ for one
for two promotional price - 104$
buy with your friends better!

*mounting nails included!

Material: metal recycling, forged metal.

- Standard shipping - 2-3 weeks from Ukraine by Ukrposhta.
- Delivery to some European countries is possible in 5 - 31 days
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