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Viking round shield, D=70cm

Viking round shield, D=70cm

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plywood, canvas, paint, natural leather, metal

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diameter 70cm

Viking round shield

diameter 70cm
Weight - 4000g

Color for canvas shield - black or you can choose any color
Back color - black
Leather color - black

This Viking shield consists of plywood 10 mm, with a forged shield boss, covered by canvas, and the edge of the viking shield is reinforced with a 10 mm rope, 4 mm leather on the edge.

We can draw any pattern on your shield for an extra price. Please, send a message to us, with a picture of what you want to draw on your shield. We will create a visualization in Photoshop of how your picture will look on the shield, and create a personalized listing for you.

Also, we can provide this shield with a special case, so you can easily carry it and attach it to your backpack.

Also, you can add to your shield leather back belt.

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